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The Transmission Dynamics Technology Stack


Our sensors are designed to provide precise data measurements for asset health monitoring, ensuring that you have access to accurate and reliable information for your critical applications.


Effortlessly transmit data from sensors to your preferred platforms, enabling real-time precision monitoring and analysis with our reliable data transmission solutions.

Data Capture

Capture and record data seamlessly with our advanced data capture technologies, simplifying the process of collecting valuable information for in-depth analysis.

Analysis and A.I.​

Make the most of our cutting-edge analysis and AI tools to unlock actionable insights from your data, driving informed decision-making and improving overall efficiency


Pantograph monitoring, redefined with award-winning wireless technology, advanced cameras & AI analysis for the rail industry.

Smart Oil Plug®

Revolutionising gear monitoring with low maintenance, minimal wiring and instant global data analysis.


Tiny yet powerful wireless telemetry monitoring strain, vibration, roll and temperature on vehicles and assets.

Load Monitoring Fastener

Measure bolt tension on bolts from M8 to M72 and beyond, gaining accurate results where others fail.

High Speed Telemetry

Fast sample rates, high resolution, long-range data, and long battery life in demanding environments.


Groundbreaking ultra-minature third rail monitoring providing real-time data on shoe gear impacts.

Gear Alignment Instrumentation

Game-changing in-situ alignment monitoring with precision, reliability and robust data transmission.

Temperature Telemetry Transmitters

Compact and robust monitoring solutions for challenging industrial and engineering environments.


Miniaturised monitoring of strain, vibration, roll and temperature with autonomous operation and precision monitoring analytics.


A year-long battery operated stress and overload sensor for retrofitting to escalators and lifts.


Strain gauge, battery, signal conditioning and wireless data transmitter; in an all-in-one unique package.


Medium and Long range ultrasonic testing for wind, pipes, railheads with remote data access.

Instrumented Chain Links

Precision load monitoring for heavy-duty environments, calibrated for reliability and resilience in mining operations.

Gas Turbine Monitoring

Analyse gas turbine performance with our exceptional Fault Investigation & Monitoring System.

Wheel Hardness Monitoring

Enhance safety, minimise escalator maintenance requirements with our monitoring solution.

Universal GDN® Transceiver

Innovative wireless solution for seamless data collection and transmission from our sensor family.

Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring

Revolutionary crack monitoring enhances structural health monitoring with our custom solution.

Building Vibration Monitoring System

Our system enhances safety by preventing structural damage from excessive vibrations.

Wireless Load Cell

Advanced wireless solution for precise load measurement in diverse industrial applications.

Wind Turbine Monitoring System

Monitoring system for wind turbine performance discovery.

Advanced Technology Solutions for Precision Monitoring

Discover our comprehensive technology stack, encompassing Sensors, Transmission, Data Capture, and Analysis & A.I., all meticulously designed to ensure precision and reliability in your critical applications. Our core products, including PANDAS-V®, Smart Oil Plug®, and SmartBug®, redefine monitoring with innovative wireless technology, AI analysis, and precision monitoring, empowering you to monitor asset performance with ease while minimising unplanned downtime.

At our core, we offer low-maintenance asset health monitoring solutions, expert support, and cutting-edge software tailored to meet your specific needs. With our expertise spanning sectors like Rail & Transportation, Power Generation, Mining, Marine & Subsea, and Automotive, including specialisation in Aerospace and Escalators, we’re dedicated to improving asset condition and maximising reliability.

Experience the power of data analysis through our real-time portal and evolutionary machine learning capabilities. Our bespoke instrumentation engineering consultancy covers everything from gear alignment and transducer development to strain gauge installation and finite element analysis, ensuring optimal asset health management. With our NVH services and gearbox inspection expertise, our team of engineers is committed to enhancing precision monitoring and minimising downtime across all your operations.

Sectors which utilise our technology

Rail & Transportation

Wind Power




Marine & Sub Sea


We also cover many other sectors such as Construction, Structural Engineering, Aerospace, Testing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Escalators.

Core Product Features

Size and Scale

Our ability to provide compact, space-efficient solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into various industrial settings, ensuring flexibility and versatility in monitoring and data acquisition across a wide range of applications.


Underscores our extensive experience and proven track record in delivering dependable, long-lasting monitoring solutions that have consistently demonstrated their reliability across diverse industries.

Low and Zero Maintenance

Our product philosophy, ensuring hassle-free, worry-free operation for our customers and minimising the need for costly and time-consuming upkeep.

Specialist Support

Our commitment to providing specialist support is integral to our core product benefit. We offer dedicated assistance and expertise to help our customers harness the full potential of our solutions.

Cutting Edge Software and A.I.

Underpins our core product benefit, enabling data-driven decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies that drive efficiency and reliability across various industries.

In-House Manufacturing and Customisation

Full control of the bespoke instrumentation manufacturing process, allowing us to tailor solutions to meet specific application and operational needs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

The Power of Data - From Sensor to A.I.

Our data analysis process combines the power of human-derived engineering analytics and AI overlay to unlock valuable insights and drive informed decision-making. With a team of skilled data analysts, we delve deep into the collected data from our product stack, harnessing our expertise to extract meaningful patterns, trends, and correlations, including those related to asset condition. By thoroughly analysing the data, we can provide actionable recommendations to optimise asset performance and ensure optimal asset condition throughout its lifecycle.

Real-Time Portal Data Access

Evolutionary Machine Learning

Trends and Historical Data

Incident Alerts and Reporting

Full Sensor Data Logging

Seamless Cross-device Data Correlation

Our Services

Our custom instrumentation solutions are precision-crafted to meet your exact specifications, empowering your operations with cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs.

With dynamic measurements, we capture high-resolution, low-noise data that enables meticulous troubleshooting, investigation, and validation, providing unparalleled insights into engineering assets.

Our services offer insightful solutions, proactive risk mitigation, and thorough root cause analysis, ensuring your projects run seamlessly.

Our advanced strain gauging services provide accurate, reliable, and timely results, essential for stress analysis, precision monitoring, load measurement, and enhancing machinery efficiency.

Through advanced data acquisition and control, we deliver accurate insights and enable real-time decision-making, empowering your operations with the latest technology.

Our gear design optimisations enhance performance and longevity, driven by our comprehensive understanding of mechanical systems and advanced engineering techniques.

Our expertise in noise and vibration measurements for rotating machinery ensures smooth operation and extended equipment lifespan, employing advanced technologies for precise analysis.

Our training and courses offer a platform for knowledge transfer, ensuring you and your team are well-equipped to harness the full potential of our advanced engineering solutions.

We specialise in creating tailored test rigs, drawing upon our mechanical, electronics, instrumentation, and control design capabilities, providing efficient solutions with in-house manufacturing.

The GDN® is a cloud-based interface providing real-time data analysis and automated reporting for various industries and asset health monitoring.

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By using the Transmission Dynamics product range, together with our range of bespoke support & software services, we can take your detection & analytics to the next level.

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