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SonicEcho Connect Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring with Wifi
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SonicEcho: Your Advanced Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring

Introducing SonicEcho, a multi-purpose EMAT instrument tailored for both Medium and Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (MRUT & LRUT) applications. This system can seamlessly integrate as a portal instrument or as a cost-effective, permanent solution for periodic asset monitoring. With features like remote logging and data interrogation, our Global Data Network portal ensures data is just a click away. From wind towers, pipelines to railheads, SonicEcho Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring stands ready.

Dive into Ultrasonic NDT

Ultrasonic NDT is a method used to evaluate the properties of a component or system without causing damage. The technique utilises Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection waves to detect flaws or defects in materials, and it is commonly applies to industries such as power generation, petrochemical and structural assets (bridges) among others.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT): A Game Changer

EMAT instruments are unique ultrasonic devices that generate waves without direct material contact. They blend electro-magnetic fields and mechanical disturbances to produce ultrasonic waves, offering a streamlined inspection process.

Wind Energy Magazine 2023 EMAT
As featured in Wind Energy Magazine (click to view article)

Uses of the SonicEcho Ultrasonic System

Crack Monitoring

SonicEcho facilitates precise crack monitoring, offering early detection and assessment of structural defects in a wide range of industrial settings.

Corrosion Monitoring

EMAT Ultrasonic technology excels in corrosion monitoring applications, providing crucial insights into the corrosion rates and integrity of vital infrastructure components.

Flange Integrity Monitoring

SonicEcho ensures the integrity of flanges through continuous monitoring, helping prevent leaks and ensuring the reliability of critical connections in industrial systems.

Surface Condition

EMAT is less sensitive to surface conditions than conventional UT. This means that it can be used on rough, rusty, or scaled surfaces without much surface preparation.

High Temperature Applications

EMAT can be used on hot surfaces (e.g., in-service inspection of boilers) without having to shut down operations or wait for the material to cool.

Benefits of EMAT Instrument Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic Pulsar Receiver Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection

Directional Flexibility

EMAT can be easily configured to generate waves in different modes and directions, providing versatility in inspection applications.


Due to the lack of a need for couplant and the ability to handle rough surfaces, inspections can often be conducted faster with EMAT instruments.

Example Applications of the EMAT Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection SonicEcho Unit

Wind Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection

Wind Monitoring

SonicEcho technology is ideal for wind monitoring applications, ensuring the structural integrity and optimal performance of wind turbine towers and related components.

Structural Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring

Structural Monitoring

Ultrasonic EMAT is a powerful tool for ultrasonic structural monitoring, delivering real-time insights into the health and integrity of critical infrastructure components, from bridges to offshore platforms.

Pipeline Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring

EMAT instruments are valuable tools for pipeline monitoring, detecting defects and ensuring the reliability and integrity of critical infrastructure in the oil and gas industry.

The SonicEcho Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection Sensor

Ultrasonic Pulsar Receiver Pipeline Installation

The SonicEcho pulsar receiver unit:

Ultrasonic NDT is a method used to evaluate the properties of a component or system without causing damage. The technique utilises ultrasonic waves to detect flaws or defects in materials, and it is commonly applies to industries such as power generation, petrochemical and structural assets (bridges) among others

Different Unit Configurations

Our SonicEcho Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring System is available in multiple configurations, such as:

SonicEcho Battery

A self-contained power source ensuring uninterrupted ultrasonic monitoring, designed for remote and demanding environments.

SonicEcho WIFI

A seamless data communication solution connecting SonicEcho to remote monitoring and data analysis platforms via wireless connectivity.

SonicEcho Transmitter
Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection Close-up

Have a custom requirement?

Message us via our form and let us know your Ultrasonic EMAT instrument requirements.  At Transmission Dynamics, we excel in creating bespoke solutions for many sectors.

    Remote Data Access

    Delivering unparalleled remote data access, no matter where you are. Our advanced connectivity solutions ensure your ultrasonic data is always within reach, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Dive into real-time insights, and make informed decisions with our seamless data retrieval. Your ultrasonic world, now more accessible than ever.

    GDN Ultrasonics Chart

    Ultrasonic Structural Monitoring Testing Project: PileSense

    Sheet pilings have diverse applications, from harbor docks to flood barriers and jetties. Given the harsh conditions they are exposed to, regular assessments are essential to maintain their structural soundness. Traditional inspection methods primarily focus on the visible part above the ground, often neglecting the condition of the submerged section. To address this limitation, SonicEcho was designed to hardness the power of ultrasonic guided waves, offering a comprehensive inspection from the topmost to the submerged portions of the structure.

    Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection Testing Project: TIGGOR

    Dogger Bank Wind Farm​ Image 1
    Dogger Bank Wind Farm
    Dogger Bank Wind Farm​ Image 2
    Dogger Bank Wind Farm
    Levenmouth Wind Farm
    Levenmouth Wind Farm
    Tower structural monitoring
    Tower structural monitoring

    Discover the adaptability of SonicEcho technology. Tested on wind turbine towers and jacket support structures, it demonstrates a readiness to serve a variety of applications across multiple sectors. SonicEcho presents a fresh approach, emphasising versatility and serves to prioritise structural resilience.

    Turn to SonicEcho as a cost-effective solution poised for integration into engineering assets. With its design focus on consistent monitoring, we’re confident in its capacity to enhance asset longevity and performance. Embrace the new frontier of structural assessment with this technology.

    Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection Installation

    Behind the Product

    The Product Development Journey

    The EMAT instrument ultrasonic system was put to the test on meticulously crafted rigs, mirroring real-world operational conditions. These rigs were uniquely integrated with purposefully seeded faults, ranging from subtle to more pronounced, replicating challenges commonly encountered in actual structures. This comprehensive testing process highlighted the EMAT system’s adeptness and precision in detecting and pinpointing structural defects, showcasing its promise for real-world applications.

    Developed with support from:

    Collaborative research with:

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    Interested in SonicEcho EMAT System?

    Following rigorous testing and validation, our EMAT Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection System is now poised for broad-scale deployment. Recognising the critical nature of dependable structural monitoring, we invite entities keen on upholding the highest standards of asset integrity to engage with us. Should you wish to elevate your monitoring standards and explore how our advanced technology might serve your specific needs, please reach out to discuss your requirements.

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