Precision Load Monitoring

Instrumented Chain Links

Precision Performance

Heavy-duty Resilience

Wireless Connectivity

Load Calibrated

Instrumented Chain Links

Our cutting-edge Instrumented Chain Links, equipped with on-board memory plus wireless communication for transferring data, set a new standard in reliability and safety. Calibrated up to many tons and proven through rigorous testing, these links are engineered for demanding environments. From destructive strength tests to real-world deployment in underground mines, our commitment to innovation ensures optimal precision load monitoring and longevity for your operations.

These Instrumented Chain Links offer robust precision load monitoring capabilities, calibrated for the demanding environments of mining operations, ensuring optimal performance as reliable mining performance sensors.

Integrated Conveyor Chain Links

Features of Chain Links

Wireless Load Monitoring

Real-time tracking of load conditions for enhanced performance, and for seamless connectivity and data transmission.

Wireless Communication

The links can be configured in unattended logging mode, to run on the conveyor for periods of monitoring in standard operation. Logging is configured, and data later retrieved, all via the integrated wireless link.

Robust Calibration

Precise calibration up to multiple tons, ensuring accurate load measurements in demanding environments.

Durable Design

Successfully withstands extreme conditions, proven through destructive tests, ensuring longevity in mining performance sensors operation.

Revolutionising Systems with Precision Load Monitoring

At Transmission Dynamics, we are at the forefront of innovation in mining performance sensor technology. Our latest creation, the Instrumented Chain Links, represents a paradigm shift in the industry.  

Calibrated to withstand loads of many tons, our Integrated Chain Links undergo meticulous testing to ensure their resilience and accuracy. The inclusion of advanced electronics does not compromise their structural integrity. Through destructive tests simulating extreme conditions, these links exhibited unmatched strength, surpassing industry standards and assuring optimal performance.

The journey from concept to reality is evident as our Instrumented Chain Links are currently operational in multiple mines globally. This real-world deployment showcases not only their durability but also their adaptability to the harshest environments. At Transmission Dynamics, we don’t just create products; we engineer solutions that redefine the capabilities of systems.

Precision Load Monitoring Chain Links

Mining Performance Sensors: Precision Calibration for Unmatched Performance

From Lab Tests to Real-world Deployment

Mining Performance Sensors
Precision Load Monitoring
Mining Performance Sensors Calibration

Want to know more about Chain Links?

Transform your operations with our cutting-edge Instrumented Chain Links. Gain real-time load insights, seamless wireless integration, and unmatched durability.  Contact us now to enhance efficiency and reliability in your mining operations. Innovation by Transmission Dynamics, optimising mining performance.

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