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Equip yourself with the expertise to tackle mechanical failures, jointed bolts, and vibration-related challenges head-on. Our specialised engineering courses at Transmission Dynamics delve into the intricacies of load carrying concepts, real-world bolting, and the dynamics of load transmission. Gain insights into the impact of self-excited vibrations on fatigue and the nuances of gearbox expertise. With a focus on true-to-life problem-solving, learn state-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis techniques to optimise machinery performance.

Explore case studies from rail, wind, marine propulsion, renewables, automotive, and heavy industries. Learn to troubleshoot bearing and gear element failures, mitigate gearbox noise and vibration issues, and utilise instrumentation for wind turbine gearboxes.

Join us for seminars and courses where you’ll engage in discussions on work-related topics. Take a proactive approach to enhancing plant reliability and efficiency with our training and technology transfer programs.

Our courses are delivered either via our esteemed partners, or can be delivered privately.  Please contact us for more information.

Specialised Engineering Courses

Our next courses

Gearbox Systems: Problems & Solutions

23rd & 24th October 9:30 – 12:30

Gear Noise Data Interpretation & Diagnostics

20th & 21st November 9:30 – 12:30

Hosted in conjunction with the British Gear Association

"Very well presented and explained fundamentals on an important consumable that isn't well understood. I have a background and this was great. The explanations were second to none if an interested person had just realised bolts had technical requirements to be considered other than torque to assembly."

Attendee, Bolting Problems and Solutions in Mining Applications Webinar, June 2024
engineering reliability
Gordon Tattershall
Reliability Engineer

Troubleshooting Mechanical Failures: Fatigue and Noise and Vibration

The purpose of this training and technology transfer programme is to explain the possible causes of Mechanical Failures in operating components and diagnosis of faults in rotating machinery. It covers the identification of sources of vibration which often result in unexpected stress levels causing fatigue damage. The measurement, data transfer and analysis of the recorded signals are fully discussed involving the delegates. The emphasis will be on understanding the entire system and monitoring various parameters aiming to significantly improve the reliability and performance of the plant.

The seminar will cover:

  • Load carrying concept of Bolts and the Problem of Preload loss
  • The Dynamics of Load
  • Transmission, starting vs transient torque
  • Tackling the role of Self excited vibration on fatigue
  • The importance of Gear Alignment
  • Problem Solving using State of the
  • Art Data Acquisition & Analysis Techniques
  • In-Service Unattended Load
  • (Torque) Data Collection Techniques
  • Case Studies in Rail, Marine Propulsion, Renewables, Automotive and Heavy Industries
  • State of Art Condition Monitoring Techniques
  • Discussion on any work-related subject raised by the participants

Ensuring optimal performance for industrial gearboxes requires more than just examining individual components. System dynamics, including starting and transient torques, self-excited vibrations, and even motor/engine dynamics, significantly impact both reliability and wear. Additionally, seemingly minor details like bearing characteristics, couplings, and gearbox mounting can contribute to performance issues.

This course explores common gearbox troubleshooting challenges faced in industrial settings, offering proven solutions through the lens of our gearbox expertise. We’ll showcase advanced instrumentation for tackling noise, bearing failures, vibrations, and in-service load measurement, empowering you to optimise your OEM gearboxes for maximised performance and extended lifespan.

The seminar will cover:

  • Tackling unexplained bearing and gear element failures
  • The dynamics of gearbox systems
  • Gearbox noise and Vibration
  • Problem Solving – Using state of the art Data Acquisition & Analysis Techniques
  • Wind Turbine Gearboxes: Type Testing, Instrumentation & Early Stage Troubleshooting
  • Gear Alignment Instrumentation
  • In Service Unattended Load (Torque) Data Collection Techniques
  • Case Studies in Rail, Marine Propulsion, Renewables, Automotive and Heavy Industries
  • State of Art Conditioning Monitoring Techniques
  • Discussion on any work-related subject raised by the participants

Gearbox Expertise: System Problems & Solutions

Bolted Joints: Design, Challenges, and Solutions

Explore the ins and outs of bolted joints in our advanced course, led by industry experts and innovators. We’re here to address the real challenges of bolted joint design and assembly across various applications. Engage with hands-on case studies and practical insights, guided by seasoned engineering professionals. This course is all about breaking down the complexities of bolted joints, sharing experiences, and finding practical solutions to industry hurdles. Join us as we demystify bolted joint technology and boost your know-how.

Engineering Integrity Society logoCourse Content:

  • Understanding Bolted Joint Fundamentals
  • Rating of Bolts
  • Failures in Bolted Joints
  • Remedies and Solutions
  • Digital Age Instrumentation
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Applications in Various Industries
  • Innovative Approaches to Bolted Joint Design
  • Emerging Technologies in Bolted Joint Monitoring
  • Sustainable Practices in Bolted Joint Applications
  • Interactive Q&A

This course is provided in partnership with Copper State Bolt & Nut Company

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