Defence Redefined: Improving Performance and Reliability through Innovative Solutions

Pioneering Innovation for a Stronger, Smarter Defence Operation

Discover our fundamental service catered to the defence sector, comprising consultancy, troubleshooting, and investigations. These essential services lay the groundwork for our customised solutions, ensuring precision and excellence in key aspects of defence engineering operations

Dynamic Measurements

Custom Instrumentation

Data Acquisition

Frigate Defence Condition Monitoring Technology

Transmission Dynamics: the Defence Engineering Consultancy company of choice

Strengthen your defence efforts with our exclusive range of specialised services. Whether you require experienced assistance, precision design of custom instrumentation, or expert engineering troubleshooting, we are renowned for providing customised solutions, including military equipment monitoring. Through issue resolution and dynamic measurements, we assist customers worldwide in improving the reliability and efficiency of their defence projects and infrastructure.

Specialist Instrumentation

Our cutting-edge technologies ensure a prolonged battery life, providing Defence forces with sustained operational capability in the field.

Exemplary Reliability

A commitment to reliability, our Defence solutions stand as a steadfast pillar, delivering consistent performance in the most demanding environments.

Drivetrain Monitoring

Experience enhanced decision-making and safeguarding of critical assets, a direct outcome of using our advanced solutions.

Gear Alignment and Optimsation

Consultancy, Troubleshooting & Investigations

Our aim is in constantly improving overall operational efficiency. Count on our defence engineering consultancy expertise to craft unique solutions, meticulously optimised via our custom tests rigs for thorough quality assurance and unmatched reliability.  Completing the picture is our unrivalled data capture, artificial intelligence software and award-winning global data network giving you immediate access to all your key data.

Defence Condition Monitoring products and applications

Discover our selection of specially crafted products tailored to fulfil the distinctive requirements of defence condition monitoring. Whether it’s the smart monitoring features of SmartBug® and SquareBug®, the dependability of Smart Oil Plug®, or the precision of Temperature Telemetry Transmitters, our products are designed to strengthen defence hardware’s efficiency and reliability. Take advantage of state-of-the-art solutions such as Astute Gear Alignment and the comprehensive AI-based insights offered by the Global Data Network (GDN).

Gear Alignment

Our system provides critical precision & reliability for applications, ensuring optimal gear performance, longevity, and operational efficiency in naval propulsion systems, safeguarding mission-critical capabilities.

High Speed Telemetry Instrumented Sprocket

Instrumented Sprocket

Optimise defence condition monitoring with the GDN®, offering secure, intelligent sensor data access, advanced machine learning analysis, and real-time insights for situational awareness and strategic decision-making.

High Speed Telemetry

We design and manufacture all our telemetry systems in house. As a result, we have full flexibility to tailor systems bespoke to suit the application and defence operational conditions.


Empower military equipment monitoring with SmartBug®, a wireless vibration and temperature sensor providing precise analysis for proactive equipment maintenance and heightened defence operational resilience.

Smart Oil Plug®

Smart Oil Plug® ensures mission-ready reliability through wireless gearbox monitoring, providing predictive maintenance through condition monitoring.  We offer real-time insights, optimising operational efficiency and enhancing equipment performance.

Temperature Telemetry Transmitters

Enhance equipment performance and reliability with our MiniTemp Wireless Telemetry System, providing real-time, compact temperature monitoring for critical components in defence condition monitoring.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Certification: Securing Our Commitment to Defence Excellence

We are proud to hold the Cyber Essentials certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. This certification underscores our dedication to maintaining robust cybersecurity practices, ensuring the utmost security for our operations and collaborations within the defence sector.

Precision in Action: Exemplifying dynamic load measurements on a Challenger Tank

Step into the world of precision with a unique glimpse into a Challenger Tank’s journey. Our technology seamlessly captures dynamic load measurements, revealing the intricate dance of forces on challenging terrains.

This is not just a video; it’s a testament to the reliability and excellence our military equipment monitoring solutions bring to the heart of defence operations.

View the 1-minute demonstration video on our YouTube channel.

Empower your defence strategy: Connect with our expert team

Empower your defence condition monitoring with the latest advancements in technology. 

Discover how our long-lasting solutions, unwavering reliability, and comprehensive systems monitoring can redefine precision in the world of tanks, ships, and maritime forces. 

Partner with us to enhance your capabilities and stay ahead in the ever-evolving technology of defence.

Defence Condition Monitoring
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