Our Company: The Story of Transmission Dynamics

From humble beginnings in 1996 to the world of Industrial IoT as you see today, follow the story of our company

Building a Legacy of Innovation and Intelligent Engineering Solutions

Established in 1996 as an engineering troubleshooting consultancy, we have grown into a global leader with over 50 employees in the UK and Poland. 

From Humble Beginnings to Pioneering Innovations: Our Journey Since 1996

Starting from modest origins in 1996, we embarked on a transformative journey, developing a distinctive range of products and services that have revolutionised the industry.

Formation of JR Dynamics
JR Dynamics is founded, providing consultancy to Newcastle University
1996 Formation of JR Dynamics
First Expansion
Home Office Expansion
Home Office Expansion
New Company Foundation
Transmission Dynamics established
Transmission Dynamics established
Strain Gauging
Provision of Strain Gauging Services
Strain Gauging
Office Refurbishment
Refurbishment of Arcot Court office
Office Refurbishment
New Contracts
Increase in consultancy contracts
Increase in consultancy contracts
Product Development
Investment into Product Development
Investment in Product Development
Support from Grants
Start of grant funding activities, £4m to date
Grant funded support
Vision for Expansion
Conceptual Design of New HQ Underway
Transmission Dynamics HQ Blueprints
Capacity Increase
Increase in production capacities
Advanced Manufacturing
Breaking Ground
Construction of 1 Innovation Way Begins
Breaking Ground Innovation Way
Dec 2022
New Headquarters
Opening of new £4.5m headquarters at 1 Innovation Way
Innovation Way
3 new partnership arrangements with
ZF, Angel Trains/Network Rail and
Copper State Bolt Sense
Key Partnership Agreements
Industrial Asset Monitoring Solutions

We are an independent, privately owned consultancy established in 1996, delivering world-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based solutions to complex industrial challenges, drawing on our extensive expertise to create Smart Sensor Networks.

We design and manufacture our own range of wireless telemetry and data acquisition systems, focusing on machine learning, low power consumption, exceptionally low noise and unbeatable performance, for recovering in-service load information from the most demanding of environments.

Our products and services are delivered to customers and partners around the world, including blue-chip technology companies from renewable energy, mining, marine, defence, automotive and rail sectors. Our team of engineers are trained to provide rapid and professional assistance working with customers across the globe, possessing outstanding capabilities and expertise for a large range of industrial drive systems.

We were awarded the 2017 Innovation Award at the North East Business Awards, in recognition of our ground-breaking research and development which informs our industry-leading products and services.

Our People who possess outstanding capabilities are well motivated and rewarded, encouraged and supported to develop with a clear sense of direction and willingness to embrace the Company ethos.

View a 2-minute flyover of our Industrial IoT Design & Manufacturing Headquarters in Cramlington, UK on YouTube.

Innovation is born from a relentless pursuit of possibilities, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and our embedded curiosity. 

Together, we strive to shape the future, driven by our passion for creating solutions that make a meaningful impact. 

At our core, we believe that every challenge or failure is an opportunity, and with unwavering determination, we turn ideas into reality. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we inspire change and leave a lasting legacy.

Jarek Rosinski

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