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Key Features of SquareBug® Industrial Asset Monitoring System

SquareBug Hand Sensor
GDN Transmitter Receiver
3 x Squarebug Wireless Sensor Systems

Measurement channels

Each SquareBug® comes equipped with 12 measurement channels, among which four are designated for strain measurements. These channels are versatile and can be configured for synchronous quarter, half, or full bridge operations. Notably, the SquareBug® features a triaxial accelerometer capable of delivering precise measurements up to ±16 g, with an impressive sampling rate of 1,665 Hz per channel. Furthermore, the integration of a triaxial gyroscope function enables accurate measurements of rotational movements across three dimensions. In addition to these features, the SquareBug® is equipped with an internal temperature sensor as a standard component, and for added flexibility, an extra channel is available for external temperature measurements as an optional feature.

Remote Access from the Global Data Network (GDN®)

Accessing the gateway and SquareBug® details is facilitated through the utilisation of the Global Data Network (GDN®). This platform ensures seamless connectivity and enables the convenient remote viewing and interrogation of all industrial asset monitoring data through a standard web browser interface. Users can monitor, manage, and analyse the system's performance and the collected data from virtually any location with internet access.

Events and Time Domain Logging Modes

The SquareBug® is designed to capture crucial events through a predefined trigger, constituting its core functionality. This trigger operates by detecting zero-to-peak or peak-to-peak differences within a system to record anomalies, especially during startup and stopping operations. Notably, smaller magnitude measurements are not discarded; instead, they are collected by the Rainflow counting and time-at-level feature, facilitating direct application of fatigue analysis to targeted components. The SquareBug® can also be used for continuously logging of all or selected channels to suit client requirements.

Wireless Connectivity for Simplicity

SquareBug® eliminates the need for cumbersome wires and cables by wirelessly communicating via short-range radio (up to 50m). This simplifies installation and reduces the clutter commonly associated with traditional wired sensor systems, providing enhanced flexibility and deployment convenience for remote or unattended data logging.

Simple Installation

SquareBug® installation package includes a comprehensive standard installation procedure. Typically, a magnetic base is used to attach the SquareBug® to surfaces with slow rotational motion or those that remain static. In more challenging environmental conditions, structural adhesive provides an alternative for secure attachment.

Long Battery Life

The SquareBug® is engineered for long-term performance, with its internal battery boasting a typical lifespan of up to 4 weeks with the possibility of extended battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacements.

How the remote SquareBug® Unattended Data Logging Flow works

How the SquareBug® Unattended Data Logging Flow works

How SquareBug® is utilised in optimising industry.

Precision Strain Gauging

Industrial Asset Monitoring

The SquareBug® can be utilised by many industrial sectors where data is required to be harnessed from harsh environments. As standard the wireless sensor system can be mounted on slowly rotating or static components, or otherwise can be repackaged into a bespoke housing to allow seamless integration with monitored assets. The SquareBug® has been used in industry to find operational anomalies such transients including temperature, vibrations and strains.

Unattended Logging​ Graph Chart

Unattended Data Logging

Detecting operational anomalies can be a challenging task, as they often manifest at random intervals and varying amplitudes. SquareBug® operates tirelessly, utilising its event mode logging to proactively identify and record such elusive issues. Additionally, it offers the capability for continuous logging, enabling comprehensive profiling over a defined time period when addressing known problems. This approach ensures a thorough understanding of the root cause of the issue.

Rainflow Graph Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

Predicting the lifespan of a component can be challenging, but SquareBug® simplifies this task through its rainflow counting and time-at-level feature. It automatically records the number of cycles under specific stress amplitudes over time, enabling the creation of stress-cycles graphs and the estimation of fatigue life.

Periodic Sampling

Adjustable to desired logging times per day.

User Adjustable

Sampling Frequency, duration & wake interval.


Customisation of housings and measurement channels to suit application.

Configurable Settings

Multiple SquareBug Remote Data Logging Systems

API Access

Real-time access via simple API.


Adjustable RMS and peak-to-peak triggers.

Battery Life

Up to several years of battery life.

Benefits of using the SquareBug® Industrial Asset Monitoring System

SquareBug® with plate and screws

Maximise Operational Uptime

The SmartBug® system facilitates comprehensive industrial asset monitoring, ensuring proactive maintenance and optimising operational efficiency across your facilities.

Increase Maintenance Efficiency

By adopting our solution, you can significantly enhance maintenance operations, streamlining processes and maximising resource utilisation for improved overall efficiency.

Extend Maintenance Intervals

With our technology, you can extend maintenance intervals without compromising on operational safety. Continuous monitoring allows for predictive maintenance, reducing unnecessary downtime and costs associated with premature overhauls.

Wireless, Sensor-Based Solution

Our innovation utilises wireless technology and advanced wireless sensor systems to provide a cutting-edge solution. It enables real-time monitoring, remote or unattended data logging, and analysis of gearbox health, offering you crucial insights into performance and potential issues.

Ease of Installation - SquareBug® Transmitter and Gateway

Insert SIM card (Gateway)

Install SquareBug®

Install Sensors


Customer Testimonial

Remote Data Logging
"Thank you very much again for a terrific training session and for supporting our team through late night hours last week. I wish all vendor support organizations were as knowledgeable, thorough, and easy to work with. We all do appreciate working with you!"
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Cutsforth, Inc.

How our SquareBug® wireless sensor system achieves results via Data Analysis

By combining numerous analytics techniques using both human-derived engineering analytics, combined with Artificial Intelligence, the SquareBug® system is able to give unparalleled diagnostics information.

1. Initial Data Organisation

Baseline Deviations

This enables rapid identification of irregularities, streamlining the troubleshooting process and minimising downtime.

Threshold Alerts

Employing an intricate alert system, we proactively identify deviations from established thresholds.

Spectral Analysis

This sophisticated technique uncovers nuanced patterns that can hold crucial information about system behaviour and anomalies.

Data Trending

This perspective offers invaluable insights into long-term behaviour patterns and potential trajectories.

Fleet Analysis

This comprehensive view empowers strategic decision-making by providing insights into fleet-wide performance, trends, and optimisation opportunities.

Usage Monitoring

This scrutiny allows us to identify wear and usage-related trends, facilitating predictive maintenance strategies.

2. Data Filtering

Human-Derived Engineering Analytics

Beyond the realm of automation, our process incorporates the expertise of human-derived engineering analytics. Our skilled professionals interpret the data in tandem with their industry know-how, adding a layer of contextual understanding that enhances the accuracy of our insights.

Multi-layer Perceptrons and Neural Networks

Employing cutting-edge technology, we employ multi-layer perceptrons and neural networks. These advanced algorithms possess the capability to discern intricate patterns within the data, allowing us to uncover hidden correlations and anomalies that might go unnoticed through traditional methods.

  • Rolling Contact Fatigue Detection
  • Vibration Anomaly Detection
  • Wheel Flat Detection

3. Real-time Outputs

System Mobile SMS Alerts

Real-time Alerts

Get immediate SMS and email notifications to respond promptly to critical situations.

GDN® Data Analysis AI Portal

Asset Health Analysis

Explore in-depth industrial asset health insights from advanced data analysis for informed decision-making.

Part of the Transmission Dynamics Ecosystem


This advanced system revolutionises rail industry practices by offering affordable and scalable remote condition monitoring solutions for electrified train pantographs and overhead lines.  By addressing maintenance challenges and enhancing efficiency, PANDAS-V transforms rail operations and sets new standards for monitoring and maintenance in the industry.

Smart Oil Plug®

The Smart Oil Plug® is an innovative technology designed for the railroad industry, providing real-time monitoring of final drives and transmissions via wireless data transmission, detecting various parameters like temperature, vibrations, oil debris, and more, while offering extended maintenance intervals and global data access.


PANDAS-3R® offers patented ultra-miniature wireless accelerometer technology for real-time data on train shoe gear impacts, boosting maintenance efficiency, ensuring safety, and embracing the future of rail maintenance.

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