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Pandas 3R Third Rail Asset Health Wireless

With ever-growing need for safer, more efficient rail travel, we’ve designed PANDAS-3R® – a ground-breaking solution for third-rail asset health monitoring. Using our state-of-the-art, patented wireless accelerometer technology; the PANDAS-3R® system can operate seamlessly for two-and-a-half years between battery changes.

PANDAS-3R® Wireless Sensor Shoes
Accelerometers ultra low power

Features of PANDAS-3R®

Ultra-Low Power Wireless Accelerometers

The heart of our system, these 3-axis wireless accelerometers are designed for longevity, only requiring battery replacement once every two and a half years.

Precision GPS Location Stamps

Every reading is accompanied by an accurate GPS stamp, enabling maintenance personnel to identify problematic locations in the third rail infrastructure.

User-Adjustable Thresholds

Two levels of threshold limits ensure timely alerts and comprehensive data. Low threshold captures impact events, while the high threshold sends immediate alerts for more significant impacts.

Near-Instantaneous Alerts

Critical impact events trigger real-time alerts sent via email and/or SMS, ensuring stakeholders stay informed.

Aluminium gateway
Rail approved
Environmental Robustness

How the PANDAS-3R® Third Rail Asset Health System Works


1. Installation

Our Wireless Accelerometer is mounted on the shoe gear.

2. Detection

The accelerometer detects impact during in-service operation.

Shoegear 7

3. Reporting

The system pinpoints the positions of defects and automatically sends notifications to key recipients, enabling proactive maintenance of critical locations.

Key Features of PANDAS-3R® Third Rail Condition Monitoring System


Wireless Accelerometer

PANDAS-3R® Third Rail Condition Monitoring Shoes
Wireless Transmission Icon

Wireless Data Transfer from the PANDAS-3R® to the RSRU


Wireless gateway for data reception and transmission to the GDN®

Wireless Gearbox Monitoring Transmitter Receiver
Smart Oil Plug® Data Transmission Icon

Seamless data transmission via Wifi and 4G


Upload to our GDN® for reporting and Data interrogation

GDN® Data Analysis Portal

Effortless Installation

Installing PANDAS-3R® is a breeze, designed for user-friendly installation without the need for extensive technical expertise. Its intuitive setup minimises installation time and simplifies the process, ensuring that rail operators can quickly deploy the system without significant disruption to their operations. This feature streamlines the integration of PANDAS-3R® into existing rail infrastructure, making it a practical choice for rail companies looking to enhance their third rail asset health monitoring capabilities with ease.

Minimal Engineering Change

PANDAS-3R® stands out for its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing rail systems with minimal engineering modifications. This feature eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming overhauls, reducing the impact on operational schedules and budgets. Rail operators can efficiently implement PANDAS-3R® without the hassle of extensive engineering changes, making it a cost-effective and practical solution for improving third-rail infrastructure monitoring while maintaining operational continuity.

PANDAS-3R® Third Rail Asset Health Installation

Discover more about our Third Rail Monitoring solution via this article on LinkedIn.

The Gateway - RSRU Gateway

A bogie-mounted unit that acts as a data bridge, transferring the accelerometer data to the GDN® server. Ensures seamless data transmission from the train to the cloud.

PANDAS-3R® Third Rail Asset Health Installation
PANDAS-3R® Transmitter RSRU

Gateway Installation

The system has been designed from the ground-up, focusing on user-experience. Right the way from ease-of-installation through to intuitive data reporting and alerts.



Requires 24V Power


By our team at Transmission Dynamics

Part of the Transmission Dynamics Ecosystem


This advanced system revolutionises rail industry practices by offering affordable and scalable remote condition monitoring solutions for electrified train pantographs and overhead lines.  By addressing maintenance challenges and enhancing efficiency, PANDAS-V transforms rail operations and sets new standards for monitoring and maintenance in the industry.

Smart Oil Plug®

The Smart Oil Plug® is an innovative technology designed for the railroad industry, providing real-time monitoring of final drives and transmissions via wireless data transmission, detecting various parameters like temperature, vibrations, oil debris, and more, while offering extended maintenance intervals and global data access.


SmartBug® is a compact wireless telemetry system, measuring strain, vibration, roll, and temperature with a long-lasting built-in battery, suitable for various applications such as rail, highways, offshore, and more, transmitting data via short-range radio (up to 50 m) to a local Gateway, then transmitted on for analysis through the Global Data Network (GDN®).

PANDAS-3R® by Transmission Dynamics represents the forefront of third rail monitoring technology. With ultra-low power accelerometers and pinpoint GPS accuracy, we deliver unparalleled insights into third-rail infrastructure. Benefit from heightened safety, instant alerts, and streamlined data integration.

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