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Welcome to Transmission Dynamics’ Miniature Temperature Telemetry Transmitter, a robust and miniature temperature monitoring solution. Engineered for precise industrial temperature monitoring to serve a variety of industrial engineering applications.

Complete Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Features of MiniTemp Industrial Temperature Monitoring Sensors

Miniature Temperature Sensor
Industrial Temperature Monitoring - Transmitter & Receiver

Miniature Temperature Sensor

The MiniTemp-CC version has a discreet footprint of 42x27x11mm ensuring minimal intrusion in your setup.

Simple Setup

Easily integrate by soldering your temperature probe (PRT or thermocouple) and powering the receiver unit.

Diverse Applications

Primarily tailored for measurements on rotating machinery such as bearings, gearboxes, and shafts.

Long Battery Life

With up to 2+ years battery life, the sensor is the perfect choice for reliable industrial temperature monitoing.


Designed to operate on rotating machinery (including inside gearboxes).

The MiniTemp range of Temperature Telemetry Transmitters from Transmission Dynamics offers a straightforward and efficient solution for industrial temperature monitoring. Its compact design combined with advanced features ensures reliable performance for diverse applications, including a wide temperature range, various process connections, and a precise temperature sensor. 

Experience compact temperature monitoring at its finest with MiniTemp.

Miniature Temperature Monitoring Customisations

As the OEM we offer numerous wireless temperature monitoring adaptions, including:

Different channel counts

Varied form factors

Tailored signal outputs

Customised sampling rates

Temperature Telemetry Transmitter and Receiver - Multiple units

Benefits of the MiniTemp Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Precision Monitoring

With individually calibrated systems, ensure accurate temperature readings at all times.

Soldered Inputs

Designed for robust operation on rotating machinery; our transmitters have soldered inputs, enabling placement of sensors in hard to access or hot environments.

Compact Temperature Monitoring System, Boxed

Flexible Installation

The transmitters can be secured by using a combination of fasteners, adhesives, and/or magnets.

Optimised for Durability

Whether powered by a coin-cell or 2xAA batteries, our transmitters promise longevity and consistent performance.

Customisation at its Best

Being the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we offer unmatched bespoke options tailored to specific client needs.

Industrial Temperature Monitoring System Receiver Options


  • Up to four Wireless Temperature Monitoring MiniTemp-CCs can be paired with a single 4-channel receiver
  • Each Temperature Telemetry Transmitter MiniTemp-2AA comes paired with a dedicated receiver (1 or 8 channels as standard)

The Simple 3-Step Installation Process

  • Solder the RTD/TC sensors to the inputs
  • Insert the batteries & power on receiver
  • Watch the data flow

Individual Calibration

Each system and channel is individually calibrated in a industrial laboratory climatic test chamber; ensuring high-accuracy, through-system calibration.

MiniTemp Calibration Chart
Industrial Temperature Monitoring Calibration
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