Dynamic Measurements

Where Dynamics Meet Precision: Our Measure of Excellence

Redefining Precision in Dynamic Measurements

At Transmission Dynamics, we’re not just measuring dynamics; we’re pioneering it. Our unwavering commitment to precision and innovation makes us the partner of choice for precision measurement solutions in the industrial sector.

Precision measurement solutions
Dynamic measurements engine sensors

Pioneering Dynamic Measurements

At Transmission Dynamics, we are at the forefront of industrial innovation, pushing the boundaries of dynamic measurements in challenging industrial environments. 

Through the creation of custom sensors and the use of advanced telemetry systems, we usher in a new era of precision measurement solutions. 

Our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability while addressing measurement uncertainties, ensuring our clients can reach the highest standards in asset management and engineering solutions.

Pioneering Dynamic Measurements​
Precision measurement solutions

Unparalleled Expertise in Measuring Dynamics

Our expertise extends to dynamic calibration and measuring dynamics for applications involving rotating machinery.

With a focus on precision and accuracy, we excel in delivering high-resolution, low-noise data at high sampling rates in real time.

This capability enables meticulous troubleshooting, thorough investigation, and the validation of engineering assets with unparalleled precision and reliability.

Furthermore, our data capture process is seamlessly integrated with various platforms. Whether it’s through data loggers, computers, or via our advanced cloud data network, GDN®, clients can have instant access to the captured data for analysis and decision-making. This integrated approach ensures that critical information is readily available to support proactive maintenance strategies and optimise operational performance.

Custom Precision Measurement Solutions

Our capabilities encompass designing and manufacturing custom instrumentation tailored to fulfill the distinct needs of our clients.

This includes dynamic load measurements on running engine timing systems, covering gears, sprockets, chains, and belts. We also perform intricate measurements on gas turbines operating at high speeds of rotation (6000-9500 rpm) and elevated temperatures (100-150⁰C). We draw upon our extensive experience in these areas.

We also make use of our in-house testing facilities, which include rotating rigs and climatic chambers. All of this is done to rigorously validate our systems before they’re deployed in the field.

Unparalleled Expertise in Dynamic Measurements​

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Approach

Our advanced methodologies and innovative precision measurement solutions set us apart, offering unique insights and unmatched accuracy in dynamic measurements.

Client-Centric Solutions

We prioritise our clients' needs, offering customisable and integrated solutions that align precisely with specific requirements.

Rapid Response

We ensure that our clients receive proactive support, especially when dealing with time-dependent needs. Our agile and efficient approach allows us to address urgent requirements without compromising on quality or precision. This promotes timely resolution and maintaining the highest standards of service delivery.

Our dynamic measurement service provides clients with critical data, enabling asset optimisation and the reduction of operational risks.

The Importance of Dynamic Measurements​

Dynamic measurements are crucial in modern industries, providing insights into complex machinery. Unlike static measurements, they offer continuous data, aiding in change detection. This capability is vital for issue identification, performance optimisation, and ensuring industrial reliability and safety.

In sectors from manufacturing to aerospace, these measurements allow precise monitoring of stress, strain, vibration, temperature, and pressure. By capturing these parameters accurately, engineers can detect early signs of equipment issues, preventing downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, dynamic measurement systems enable predictive maintenance, maximising asset lifespan.

Beyond maintenance, dynamic measurements enhance product quality and process efficiency. By monitoring key performance indicators closely, manufacturers can adjust processes, ensuring consistent quality and minimising waste. They also optimise energy usage, streamline production workflows, and identify process improvement opportunities, driving operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

The Importance of Dynamic Measurements

A Case Study in Measuring Dynamics

Explore our dynamic measurement capabilities with our fully automated custom testing rig.  This is designed for volume calibration of wireless instrumented bolts. The precision and efficiency of our dynamic measurement solutions underpins the entire calibration process.  

Join Prof. Jarek Rosinski, CEO of Transmission Dynamics, as he guides you through each step of the automated calibration process. 

Click the image to view our informative 2-minute video presentation.

At Transmission Dynamics, we’re not just developing custom instrumentation and Industrial IoT solutions; we’re engineering the future of industrial technology.  Precision measurement solutions are just one facet of our dynamic measurement support and innovation.

With a commitment to precision, performance, and reliability, we’re your trusted partner in achieving your industrial goals.

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