Optimising Operations with Unprecedented Mining Condition Monitoring

Improving Mining Reliability with Reduced Maintenance & Downtime Costs

Real-time Monitoring

Ensure the heartbeat of your mining operations with our real-time mining condition monitoring solutions, providing instant insights that safeguard against disruptions and maximise operational uptime, ultimately saving you valuable resources.

Proven Mining Reliability

Rely on our time-tested solutions to fortify the integrity of critical components, reducing the risk of failures and costly downtimes, while maintaining the consistent performance your mining operations demand, including SAG mill optimisation.


Advanced Technology

Embrace the future of mining reliability with our cutting-edge technologies, engineered to optimise processes, enhance productivity, and drive substantial cost savings, securing the longevity and profitability of your mining endeavours.

How our Technology assists with Mining Operations

Mining Data Reporting


Boost operations with our precision monitoring service. Our exceptional accuracy, surpassing industry standards, ensures mining reliability, saving you time and resources in your operations.

Mining Condition Monitoring

Battery Life

Benefit from extended mining condition monitoring without frequent interruptions, as our system boasts an impressive battery life of 3-4 years. Ensure continuous, reliable performance for your operations

Mining Installation


Compatible with various tools, our system ensures precise tension by programming critical fasteners to your specifications before on-site installation.

SAG Mill Optimisation & Calibration


Our system undergoes meticulous calibration, ensuring accuracy and reliability in monitoring fastener tension, ultimately contributing to enhanced operational efficiency such as in SAG mill optimisation.

LMF 0002 IMG 4852

Condition Monitoring

Enhance the longevity of your mining equipment through our cutting-edge condition monitoring, ensuring timely interventions and predictive maintenance for optimal operational efficiency and SAG mill optimisation.

Mining Reliability Results

Instant Results

Experience the efficiency of instant tension readings with hand-held reader, phone, or any Internet device providing immediate insights for proactive decision making in mining operations.

How we help the Mining Sector

Bolt Tension Monitoring via our LMF+ Boltsense Product

Mining Reliability Monitoring: Reducing In-Service Downtime

Optimise your mining operations with our technology, which provides invaluable insights to troubleshoot issues, quantitatively compare procedures, digitally document correct assemblies, and ensure accountability for installation teams

Seamlessly integrate data with other sensors, enhancing overall mining condition monitoring and enabling predictive maintenance strategies for optimal equipment performance, mining reliability, and SAG mill optimisation.

Gear Alignment


Gearbox Instrumentation

High Speed Telemetry Instrumented Sprocket

Instrumented Sprockets

Bespoke Instrumentation

Dynamic Measurements

Crack Propagation Detection

Strain Gauging Services

Load Monitoring Chain Links

Example Mining Applications

SAG Mill Optimisation

SAG & Ball Mills

Mining Gearbox Troubleshooting


Underground Conveyors


Bolt & Fastener Instrumentation​


Expert Troubleshooting for the Mining Sector

Our specialised expertise ensures heightened efficiency and reliability in mill, conveyor, gearbox, and fastener operations. 

We offer tailored solutions crafted to optimise your mining endeavours and facilitate SAG mill optimisation.

With a wealth of global experience, we excel in troubleshooting scenarios, offering bespoke and tailored solutions that have proven effective across diverse mining environments worldwide. 

Mining Troubleshooting
mining sector 12
mining sector 13

Reline Strategy: Develop optimal procedures with 4 Plates per section

Paradigm Shift: An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

Reline Strategy: Develop optimal procedures with 4 Plates per section

Our Global Expertise helping operations across the globe achieve better mining reliability

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Maximise Reliability and Efficiency with Transmission Dynamics Technology

Unlock a new era of dependability and cost-efficiency in your mining operations with Transmission Dynamics. Our cutting-edge solutions are precision-engineered to enhance reliability while significantly reducing operational costs. From revolutionary load monitoring technologies to robust bolting integrity insurance, our products are crafted to elevate mining reliability and streamline expenses. 

Trust in our expertise to deliver real-time data insights that empower your business to make informed decisions, optimise efficiency, and ultimately save you money. Transform your mining operations with Transmission Dynamics – where reliability meets savings for a prosperous future.

Transmission Dynamics Mining Condition Monitoring Bolt
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