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Gas Turbine Monitoring System

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Gas Turbine Fault Investigation
Gas Turbine Fault Investigation and Monitoring Systems

Enhance the reliability and longevity of your gas turbines with our cutting-edge, data-driven Gas Turbine Fault Investigation and Monitoring Systems.

Engineered for both short-medium term (for investigations) and permanent installations, this system excels in the detailed acquisition and analysis of operational data. 

It is adept not only at early detection of potential faults but also in identifying transient phenomena that can induce fatigue and fretting damage to critical drivetrain components such as couplings, shear pins, and gearboxes.

Whether integrating with OEM systems or retrofitting to existing setups, our solution ensures a seamless fit tailored to your specific needs.

What our Gas Turbine Monitoring System Offers:


Our real-time torque monitoring capabilities extend to gearboxes and turbines, identifying not just overload scenarios but also transient torques that can cause undue stress, optimising both performance and lifespan.


Deploy our continuous vibration monitoring to delve deep into your turbine's operational health. Detect and analyse imbalances, misalignments, and bearing failures, pinpointing transient behaviours that can lead to component fatigue and damage, thus ensuring uninterrupted operation and avoiding costly repairs.


With our 4-20 mA current alarm/vibration output, receive instant notifications of critical conditions that could jeopardise your equipment or personnel safety, providing an immediate response to mitigate risks.


Facilitate seamless data transmission to local or remote monitoring stations via cellular or wireless networks, enabling timely decision-making based on comprehensive, real-time analytics.


Our team custom-designs, manufactures, and implements tailored instrumentation for your turbine model and operational requirements, ensuring a precise monitoring solution that maximises fault detection and analysis efficacy. From torsional measurements, bending moments, axial loads, axial and radial displacement measurements, as well as vibration measurements; we are well equipped to support diagnostics and monitoring of your turbines.


Engage our expertise for system integration, in-depth data analysis, and AI-driven diagnostics.

Gas Turbine Monitoring System
Gas Turbine Fault Investigation

Advantages of Our Monitoring System​

Gas Turbine Fault Investigation


Our system's focus on early detection and analysis of transient phenomena can identify the root cause of failures; enabling elaboration of a solution to overcome unforeseen failures, minimising downtime and associated costs.


Our proactive monitoring and alert systems safeguard against hazardous conditions, protecting both personnel and equipment.


By identifying and addressing transient stresses and vibrations, our system contributes to the extended life of drivetrain components, reducing the likelihood of fatigue and fretting damage.


Built to withstand extreme conditions, our monitoring systems ensure dependable performance.


Designed to accommodate various turbine configurations and integrate with existing infrastructures, our system offers a flexible and scalable solution tailored to your needs.


Tailor maintenance schedules based on precise operational data, reducing unnecessary service calls and focusing on preemptive repairs to save on costs.

Gas Turbine Fault Investigation
Gas Turbine Fault Investigation

Transmission Dynamics excels in revolutionising energy solutions through precise troubleshooting, diagnostics, and telemetry services in the Energy sector. As your trusted partner, we specialise in measuring dynamic and static operational loading, conducting stress/strain assessments, and implementing root cause analysis for energy assets.

Our expertise ranges from gas turbine instrumentation and hydroelectric rotor performance to cooling tower gearbox diagnostics and tidal generation analytics.

Backed by human-derived engineering analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, our solutions reveal complex insights and patterns beyond human analysis.

Why Choose Transmission Dynamics for Gas Turbine Fault Investigation ​

Complete Monitoring Suite

From sensor technology to AI-powered analysis and dedicated support, we provide an all-encompassing solution that covers most aspects of turbine monitoring and fault analysis.

Customised Solutions

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer systems that are precisely tailored to meet your specific operational requirements and challenges.

Innovation Commitment

Our ongoing investment in R&D ensures that you have access to the latest in monitoring technology and methodologies, keeping you at the forefront of turbine operation and maintenance.

Exceptional Support

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support throughout the system's lifecycle, from initial consultation to post-installation maintenance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Fault Investigation System​​

Industry Experience

With years of specialised experience, our track record speaks to our ability to design, install, and maintain sophisticated monitoring systems across various sectors.

Want to know more about Gas Turbine Fault Investigation and Monitoring?

Contact us to explore how our Gas Turbine Fault Investigation and Monitoring System can secure the operational integrity and efficiency of your turbines, offering peace of mind and optimised performance.

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