Energy Asset Monitoring

Energy Asset Monitoring

Innovating Telemetry-based Energy Monitoring Solutions through Data and Precision

Dynamic Measurements
Custom Instrumentation
Data Acquisition
Strain Gauging

Enhanced Reliability

Transmission Dynamics are your partner to:

Measure dynamic and static operational loading

Measure dynamic and static operational loading directly; including:


(torque, bending/overturning moments, tensile/compressive loads)




Crack Propagation

and more...

Perform Root Cause Analysis [RCA]

and identify component/design weaknesses

Tailored, Wireless Telemetry & Instrumentation

designed, manufactured and supplied

Telemetry-based Energy Monitoring
Energy Equipment Diagnostics
Energy Asset Monitoring 14

Perform services for Structural and Asset Health Monitoring, including:

Laboratory & Field Instrumentation

Condition Based Monitoring [CBM]

Automated reporting; with simple, actionable insights

Comprehensive analytics; including:

  • Human-derived engineering analytics
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence to reveal complex insights and patterns beyond human analysis
Energy Asset Monitoring
Energy Equipment Diagnostics
Wind Energy Magazine 2023 EMAT
As featured in Wind Energy Magazine (click to view article)

Transmission Dynamics leads the way in revolutionizing energy solutions through precise troubleshooting, diagnostics, and telemetry services. As your trusted partner, we excel in measuring dynamic and static operational loading, conducting stress/strain assessments, and implementing root cause analysis for energy assets. 

Our tailored, wireless telemetry and instrumentation, along with condition-based monitoring and comprehensive analytics, ensure enhanced structural and asset health monitoring across diverse sectors within the energy industry.

With an illustrious clientele including industry giants like GE Renewables, Alstom, and Schlumberger, Transmission Dynamics has honed its expertise in energy asset monitoring. Our success stories range from gas turbine instrumentation and hydroelectric rotor performance to cooling tower gearbox diagnostics and tidal generation analytics. 

Backed by human-derived engineering analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, our solutions reveal complex insights and patterns beyond human analysis. Partner with us to elevate the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your energy assets.

Our Energy Generation Clients

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As an OEM we tailor to your requirements

At Transmission Dynamics we have years of providing versatile solutions to many sectors, including power generation and energy. Explore Service Capabilities or fill in the simple form and let us know your requirements.

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