Discover unparalleled expertise in advanced engineering solutions through our comprehensive services. Benefit from our commitment to precision, including cutting-edge industrial data analysis.

Custom Instrumentation

Our custom instrumentation solutions are precision-crafted to meet your exact specifications, empowering your operations with cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs.

Dynamic Measurements

With dynamic measurements, we capture high-resolution, low-noise data that enables meticulous troubleshooting, investigation, and validation, providing unparalleled insights into engineering assets.

Strain Gauging Services

Our advanced strain gauging services provide accurate, reliable, and timely results, essential for stress analysis, load measurement, and enhancing machinery efficiency.

Consultancy, Troubleshooting & Investigations

Our consultancy, troubleshooting, and investigations services offer insightful solutions, proactive risk mitigation, and thorough root cause analysis, ensuring your projects run seamlessly.

Noise & Vibration Measurements

Our expertise in noise and vibration measurements for rotating machinery ensures smooth operation and extended equipment lifespan, employing advanced technologies for precise analysis.

Bespoke Test Rig Design

We specialise in manufacturing tailored test rigs, drawing upon our mechanical, electronics, instrumentation, and control design capabilities, providing industrial data analysis solutions.

Gear Design Optimisation

Focusing on minimising Transmission Error (TE) to reduce gear noise and vibration, alongside full gear design services for diverse industrial gearboxes.

Data Acquisition & Control

Through advanced data acquisition and control, we deliver accurate insights and enable real-time decision-making, empowering your operations with the latest technology.

Training & Courses

Our training and courses offer a platform for knowledge transfer, ensuring you and your team are well-equipped to harness the full potential of our advanced engineering solutions.

GDN® - the Global Data Network

The Global Data Network (GDN) is a cutting-edge cloud-based interface developed by Transmission Dynamics, designed to extract data from a variety of sensors and IoT solutions deployed globally. Benefiting from machine learning and artificial intelligence, GDN offers 24/7 access and automated reporting, providing clients with valuable insights for industrial data analysis.

It enables real-time data analysis, data correlation, and historical data archiving, all presented through a user-friendly web portal. With its ability to monitor mission-critical components and provide instant alerts, GDN enhances operational efficiency, saves time, and ensures safe and reliable performance in diverse industrial sectors.

Our Products

Welcome to our world of precision and innovation in industrial products. Explore our comprehensive range of advanced engineering solutions, featuring:

  • Trains with Brains®: elevate rail safety and performance with a suite of sensors and transmitters, from PANDAS-V® to Smart Oil Plug® and PANDAS-3R®
  • Load Monitoring Fastener+®: gain unique insights into bolt tension measurements, ensuring the integrity of your structures
  • Wireless Sensors: monitor temperature, vibration, and acceleration seamlessly
  • Ultrasonics: safeguard pipes and structures by measuring integrity, detecting cracks, and preventing corrosion
  • Gear Alignment Systems: preserve the effectiveness and performance of gears for optimal functionality
  • Global Data Network: real-time access to sensor data for enhanced decision-making and industrial data analysis
  • A.I. and Neural Networks: experience data analysis and real-time alerts, empowering you to improve performance and optimise safety across diverse sectors
We offer a range of industrial products – from our award-winning core range of sensors, transmitters and gauges to a wide variety of bespoke and A.I. driven solutions.

Find out more about the Transmission Dynamics Story – from a small consultancy to £4.5 million manufacturing and design facilities.

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