Trains with Brains

Trains with Brains® - The Future of Rail Infrastructure Monitoring

Trains with Brains® is a range of rail infrastructure monitoring solutions that is changing the way global rail infrastructure is maintained today and for the future. These market leading products remotely monitor a range of rail assets and infrastructure and collectively see dynamic interactions between rail and OHL, improving rail reliability.

Redefining the future of rail monitoring

Our range of train-borne sensors, effectively mitigate a range of challenges by providing continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities. These solutions are improving global rail reliability and service safety, increasing operational efficiencies while reducing downtime and associated costs.

Trains with Brains® provides a suite of monitoring solutions such as:

  • Overhead Line Monitoring (impacts, arcing, stagger, height)
  • Pantograph Monitoring (chips, wear, flip)
  • Drivetrain Monitoring (gearbox, bearings, axle, cardan shaft)
  • Rail Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Ride Quality Monitoring

Wireless Sensors

Dynamic Interaction Analysis

Cloud Infrastructure

Automated Reporting

Trains with Brains® - the smart way forward

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Click on the play button to watch our 2-minute video exploring the Trains with Brains® concept.  Visit our Trains with Brains® LinkedIn page for more videos.

Explore the Trains with Brains® range

Access anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

The accessibility of the GDN® through a web portal, allowing clients to log in remotely at any time and from any computer to access rail monitoring data and reports.

24/7 Web Portal Access

How our Trains with Brains® Rail Infrastructure Monitoring system architecture works:

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Comprehensive Event Detection: Ensuring rail reliability via Trains with Brains®

Utilising cutting-edge technology and a multi-sensor approach, we have honed our expertise to accurately detect a diverse range of critical events, safeguarding rail operations and optimising maintenance strategies.  Here are some of the many examples of event detection we undertake, in harmony across our Trains with Brains® technology range.

Bird Strikes

Our system swiftly identifies and mitigates the impact of bird strikes, enhancing rail reliability and safety for passengers and helping to prevent operational disruptions.


We excel in detecting arcing events, allowing timely intervention to prevent potential hazards and maintain uninterrupted rail operations.​

Broken and Missing Wires

By promptly detecting dewirement incidents, we ensure rapid response measures, preventing disruptions and enhancing rail reliability across the network.

Droppers, Stagger, Height and Sway​

Our precise dropper, stagger and sway detection capabilities contribute to smoother rail operations, minimising wear and tear and improving passenger comfort.

Smartbug® Wheel issue detection sensor system

Wheel Pit Detection

Our SmartBug®/Smart Oil Plug® rail infrastructure monitoring technology detects early-stage wheel pits, alerting clients in time for preventative tyre turning instead of relying on mileage-based maintenance.

Rail Wheel Flat

Wheel Flats

With our system's wheel flat detection, we enhance rail reliability and safety by identifying and addressing wheel flat-related issues promptly, avoiding further damage and ensuring smooth operations.

Providing multi-award winning rail infrastructure monitoring Industrial IoT solutions to many partners, including:

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