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Remote Crack Bridge Monitoring
Crack Propagation Monitoring
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Transmission Dynamics has developed a cutting-edge crack propagation detection system that sets a new standard in remote crack monitoring. Our system consists of standalone miniature wireless transmitters connected to custom ladder crack propagation gauges. 

Powered by internal batteries, these transmitters communicate wirelessly with a central receiver, enabling near-instantaneous reporting of crack growth. This ensures a truly unmanned crack propagation monitoring and automated reporting system.

Key Features of our Crack Propagation Monitoring System​

Real-time Reporting Capability​

Receive automated email and SMS notifications of crack growth, including data on current crack length and rate of growth. This real-time capability is a key advantage of our remote crack monitoring system.

Red Alert System​

Promptly receive red alert codes if the crack grows beyond a predefined amount within a specified timeframe, allowing maintenance personnel to take immediate action

Versatile Application

Applicable to various applications, including but not limited to rail, highways, offshore structures, power generation facilities, mining equipment, grinding mills, bridges, construction sites, pressure vessels, cranes, and pumps.

Long Battery Life

Up to 10 years, depending on sampling rate and application, ensuring extended operational reliability.

Wide Temperature Range

Operates in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, making it suitable for diverse environments.

Wireless Installation

Suitable for moving or rotating machinery, offering flexibility in deployment.

System Applications Include:​

Remote Crack Bridge Monitoring in Mining




Power Generation


Grinding Mils





Advantages of Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring


Wireless crack propagation monitoring systems can be easily installed on moving or rotating machinery, offering flexibility in deployment compared to traditional wired systems that may be limited by wiring constraints.


Eliminating the need for complex wiring infrastructure reduces installation and maintenance costs associated with traditional wired systems, making wireless monitoring a more cost-effective solution.

Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring
Remote crack monitoring sensors

Reduced Downtime

By providing early detection of crack growth and automated alerts, our wireless system minimises downtime by enabling proactive maintenance and preventing costly equipment failures.

Enhanced Data Accessibility

Wireless systems facilitate seamless integration with cloud-based platforms, allowing for easy access to monitoring data from anywhere, at any time, and enabling advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Key Features of Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring​

Our system offers a superior alternative to traditional methods, providing remote monitoring, real-time reporting, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and enhanced safety while minimising downtime and disruption.

Minimal Disruption

Installation of wireless crack propagation monitoring systems is quick and non-invasive, minimising disruption to ongoing operations compared to traditional methods that may require significant downtime for installation and wiring.

Improved Safety

By reducing the need for manual inspection in hazardous environments, wireless crack propagation monitoring enhances safety for personnel while ensuring continuous structural health monitoring.

Long Battery Life

Our wireless transmitters boast long battery life, providing extended operational reliability compared to traditional wired systems that may be prone to power interruptions or wiring issues.


Wireless systems can be easily scaled to monitor multiple locations or structures without the need for extensive wiring, allowing for cost-effective expansion as monitoring needs grow.

Data Gathering and Analysis​

Our Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring system employs cutting-edge technology to gather real-time data on crack growth and structural health. Using wireless transmitters and bespoke crack propagation gauges, we continuously collect and analyse data to ensure the integrity of your assets. 

Our team of experts conducts comprehensive analysis of the gathered data and provides detailed reports to clients, offering valuable insights into structural health and potential maintenance needs. With our advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities, you can make informed decisions to enhance safety and efficiency across your operations.

Remote crack monitoring sensor
Crack Propagation Sensors
Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading solutions for crack propagation monitoring and remote crack monitoring.


With years of experience in structural health monitoring, our team understands the complexities of remote crack monitoring and structural integrity.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our crack propagation detection system utilises cutting-edge wireless technology, ensuring real-time monitoring and rapid response to potential issues.


We prioritise reliability in our system design, from long battery life of our transmitters to the robustness of our crack propagation gauges.


Whether it's monitoring rail tracks, offshore structures, or pressure vessels, our system is versatile enough to adapt to various environments and applications.

Continuous Innovation

As technology evolves, so do we. We are continuously innovating and improving our systems to stay at the forefront of remote crack monitoring technology.

Ease of Installation

Our wireless system eliminates the need for complex wiring, making installation quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Customer Support

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Proactive Maintenance

With automated alerts and red alert codes, our system enables proactive maintenance, preventing costly downtime and ensuring the safety of your assets.


We understand that every monitoring application is unique. That's why we offer customisable solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Root cause analysis​

Transmission Dynamics provides extensive support, encompassing the crucial tasks of monitoring crack initiation and propagation, troubleshooting dynamic mechanical systems, and pinpointing root causes. Our expertise extends to the provision of customised instrumentation, enabling precise analysis of loading conditions and stresses. Through advanced techniques such as strain gauge analysis, we strive to enhance the longevity of high-value engineering assets, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Root cause analysis​​
strain gauge analysis in mining
customised instrumentation

Interested in Wireless Crack Propagation Monitoring?

Understanding the importance of reliable monitoring, we encourage organisations committed to upholding top-tier asset integrity to connect with us. If you aim to elevate your monitoring standards and discover how our advanced technology can meet your unique needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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