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Personalised advice tailored to your project's requirements, ensuring you make informed decisions at every step.


Rapid and effective solutions to get your operations back on track. Our success is based on years of experience in preventive engineering troubleshooting.


Thorough examination of systems, components, and processes to unearth root causes and deliver actionable recommendations.

Engineering Troubleshooting Consultancy

At Transmission Dynamics, we offer more than just advanced engineering solutions; we bring decades of expertise to the table. 

Whether it’s the complexities of a new project, a persistent issue affecting operations, or the need for an in-depth investigation, our engineering troubleshooting consultancy services are designed to provide clarity and solutions.

In the daily life of high-end engineering companies, the demand for our services is integral. The ever-evolving landscape of technology and industrial processes necessitates constant adaptation and innovation.

Bespoke Engineering Problem Solving

Why Rely on Transmission Dynamics' Expertise?

Engineering challenges can often appear convoluted. Our team’s seasoned experience in preventive engineering troubleshooting ensures:

Insightful understanding of underlying issues
Comprehensive strategies to mitigate risks
Preventive engineering troubleshooting to limit further complications
Preventive Engineering Troubleshooting
Bespoke Engineering Problem Solving
Preventive Engineering Troubleshooting

Our Unique Approach to Engineering Problem Solving


We work alongside your team, immersing ourselves in the challenge to achieve the best outcomes.

Technological Advantage

Employing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we ensure accurate analyses and insights.


Our experience spans across multiple industries, making us adept at navigating diverse challenges.

Watch our video of our innovative approach to monitoring building structure and critical vibration issues on YouTube.  Our consultancy engaged to help prevent building damage.

Why Transmission Dynamics?

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team's cumulative experience positions us as leaders in engineering troubleshooting consultancy and investigations.

Tailored Solutions

No two challenges are the same; our solutions are bespoke, addressing the nuances of each scenario.

Integrity & Discretion

We respect the sensitivity of your information and uphold the highest standards of professional discretion in all our industrial technology consultancy engagements.

Examining Our Bespoke Engineering Problem Solving in Practice

We deliver precise solutions to intricate problems across diverse industries. Learn about our methods in diagnosing, troubleshooting, and innovating to elevate industry standards. Our case studies provide insights into our proficiency in identifying root causes, devising bespoke engineering problem solving solutions, and implementing preventive measures. Below, you’ll find examples of practical narratives showcasing problem-solving and innovation.

Optimising Load Distribution: A Case Study in Structural Analysis and Adjustment

Root cause of structural issuesRequirement: Transmission Dynamics were consulted to evaluate the root cause of structural issues on a rotating carousel

Tasks: Transmission Dynamics designed a bespoke measurement system, consisting of an array of laser, eddy-current probes and strain gauges – connected to wireless data loggers such as to evaluate the kinematics of the system and evaluate roller load distribution. Transmission Dynamics travelled to site, installed the sensors and measurement systems, and analysed the incoming data from various loading conditions.

Outcome: The data showed an inherent issue with the load distribution across rollers, leading to several rollers seeing stresses which were several times higher than the mean. Based on this data, the roller height was adjusted such as to re-balance the distribution of loads, reducing damage to the structure by 97%, with further optimisations possible through an iteration of the process.

Tackling Rail Axle Failures: A Precision Approach

Requirement: Transmission Dynamics were consulted to investigate the root cause of rail axle catastrophic failures.

Tasks: Transmission Dynamics designed a bespoke measurement system, with unattended logging capabilities which automatically captured time-stamped, time-domain data associated with transient events. Transmission Dynamics travelled to the rail depot, installed the measurement equipment, left the unattended data logger in place for 4-weeks, and remotely received transient event data.

Outcome: The data showed the exact times where the axle was excited in first torsional mode. Based on this data, it was found that certain conditions resulted in a change of the coefficient of friction, whilst subsequently resulted in these torsional oscillations – which were higher than the fatigue limit of the axle. Based on these findings, a modification to the control system was proposed and implemented; which overcame the issue – preventing further failures.

Rail axle catastrophic failures

Investigating Bolt Failures in High-Value Gearboxes: A Precision Assessment

Bolt failures graphRequirement: Transmission Dynamics were consulted to evaluate the root cause of bolt failures which were occurring with a certain model of high-value gearboxes.

Tasks: Transmission Dynamics instrumented critical bolts in tension and bending, and interfaced these with application-specific, battery powered, wireless modules. Each bolt was individually calibrated, enabling the measurement of in-service loading conditions. Transmission Dynamics travelled to site to install the instrumented bolts prior to the gearbox being closed up; and later travelled to the test site to acquire data from various loading conditions.

Outcome: The data enabled comparison against modelling results. Through the acquisition of real operational data, the presence of a strong non-linear mechanical response was identified. This bespoke problem solving enabled a deeper understanding of the bolt loading conditions, enabling design optimisations to eliminate the issue.

Unravelling Fatigue Failures in Rotating Couplings: A Diagnostic Approach

Chart of rotating couplingRequirement: Transmission Dynamics were consulted to evaluate the root cause of fatigue failures of a rotating coupling installed on a high-value mechanical system.

Tasks: Transmission Dynamics designed and manufactured a bespoke instrumentation to enable the acquisition of torque acting through the coupling, with the aim of identifying the presence of torque transients. Transmission Dynamics travelled to site to install the measurement equipment, acquired, and analysed the resultant data.

Outcome: The presence of first-mode torsional oscillations was detected during certain stages of the manufacturing process. This enabled identification of the condition which, over the electrical network, resulted in excitation of the mechanical system. Through optimisations made in the control system, the damaging load conditions were negated, thereby preventing further failures. As a result of this engineering problem solving, the client was able to not only reduce direct costs associated with failures, but also increase operational reliability of the plant.

At Transmission Dynamics, we’re not just developing custom instrumentation and Industrial IoT solutions; we’re engineering the future of industrial technology.  Our bespoke engineering problem solving has helped many companies through nearly 30 years of trading.

With a commitment to precision, performance, and reliability, we’re your trusted partner in achieving your industrial goals.

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