Advanced Wind Turbine Performance Optimisation

Wind Turbine Monitoring System

Dual Channel Monitoring

Wireless Connectivity

Real-time Streaming

High-speed Sampling

Wind Turbine Monitoring System

Measure drivetrain operational loading conditions including torque and bending transients which can cause premature failures of bearings and gear elements (including tooth breakages)

In the dynamic world of renewable energy, the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines are essential for sustainable power generation. However, long-term operations can lead to issues caused by excessive loading, jeopardising performance and longevity. Retrofitting conventional instrumentation for troubleshooting often proves impractical and costly. Enter the Wind Turbine Monitoring System by Transmission Dynamics – an innovative solution designed to address these challenges and optimise wind turbine performance.

WTMS Key Features

Key Features

The Wind Turbine Monitoring System is equipped with cutting-edge features tailored for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

Effortless Installation

With magnetic mounting clamps and an integral battery supply, installation is quick and hassle-free, requiring no costly modifications to existing infrastructure.

Real-time Monitoring

Enjoy real-time evaluation of torque events with a configurable sampling rate of up to 4,000 Hz, enabling prompt identification and resolution of potential issues.

Flexible Connectivity

Say goodbye to cable clutter. The system offers wireless connectivity for seamless data transfer, with accessibility via Cellular Network, Ethernet or WiFi.

Advanced Data Analysis

Utilise advanced analysis tools, such as rainflow counting and time at level, to gain in-depth insights into load distribution and turbine performance optimisation.

Specification Overview of the Wind Turbine Telemetry Solution




Data Sampling and Analysis

Data Download

The Wind Turbine Monitoring System sets the standard for precision, reliability, and performance in turbine monitoring technology, providing operators with the insights they need to optimise turbine performance and maximise operational efficiency.

Comprehensive range of telemetry instrumentation products

Transmission Dynamics offers a comprehensive range of telemetry instrumentation products that have garnered acclaim among esteemed technology clients worldwide, winning multiple awards.

Our instrumentation has found widespread application across various critical sectors, from 2 MW to 15 MW wind turbine gearboxes, mining operations, marine enterprises, defence systems, automotive industries, and rail applications.

Installing the Wind Turbine Monitoring System

Wind Turbine Monitoring System Installation 1
Wind Turbine Monitoring System Installation 2

A straightforward process designed to minimise downtime with seamless integration on existing turbine infrastructure.

1. Preparation and Mounting

Ensure the turbine is safely shut down and identify the optimal mounting location. Utilise the magnetic clamps to securely attach the monitoring unit, accommodating various shaft diameters.

2. Sensor Attachment

Adhere pre-wired strain gauges to the turbine shaft using rapid setting epoxy. Position the gauges accurately to capture torque and bending loads during operation.

3. Power Supply

Connect the integral battery supply to power the system, ensuring uninterrupted data collection for extended periods.

4. Communication Setup and Configuration

Establish wireless communication using the provided transceiver. Configure the system settings, including sampling rate and analysis parameters, to tailor it to your turbine’s operating conditions requirements.

By following these installation steps, customers can quickly and effectively deploy the Wind Turbine Monitoring System, enabling comprehensive monitoring and analysis of turbine performance to optimise operation and maximise efficiency.

Why Choose Transmission Dynamics

Transmission Dynamics stands at the forefront of in-service load measurements, offering unparalleled expertise and innovation. Here’s why the Wind Turbine Monitoring System is the preferred choice for industry leaders:

Turbine Performance Optimisation

Equipped with high-capacity batteries, our system ensures uninterrupted data collection for extended periods, safeguarding against disruptions and optimising turbine performance.

Seamless Integration

Our advanced wind turbine telemetry system enables remote data download and communication with the device inside the nacelle, streamlining maintenance procedures and reducing downtime.

WTMS Transceiver

Comprehensive Analysis

Gain invaluable insights into load dynamics and turbine health with our comprehensive data analysis tools, empowering proactive maintenance strategies and informed decision-making.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by blue-chip clients worldwide, our monitoring system delivers reliability, performance, and effectiveness in even the most demanding environments.

Ready to optimise the performance and reliability of your wind turbines and critical systems? 

Invest in the Wind Turbine Monitoring System today and unlock the full potential of your assets. Contact us now to learn more about our monitoring solutions and take the first step towards sustainable energy generation.

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