The Global Data Network - GDN®

Empower Your Business with Global Data Network (GDN®): Unlock 24/7 Access, Intelligent Analysis, and Cost Savings Across Our Industrial IoT Solutions!

  • Incident Alerts and Reporting

    The GDN® can automatically generate alerts and detailed reports when incidents or anomalies are detected, providing valuable information for quick response and investigation.

  • Full Sensor Data Logging

    The GDN® captures data from various sensors, including GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and visual data, to offer a comprehensive view of the monitored assets or systems.

  • Intelligent Data Presentation

    The GDN® presents the collected data in an intelligent manner, utilising graphs, maps, charts, and even video to enhance data understanding and analysis.

  • Machine Learning and AI

    The utilisation of advanced technologies like machine learning and AI to perform intelligent data analysis and generate insights.

  • Historical data archiving & export

    The GDN® allows users to archive historical data and export it in user-friendly formats, facilitating analysis, compliance, and reporting.

Discover GDN®: Unveiling its Power in only 90 Seconds

The Important Information - Now.

GDN® can promptly notify relevant stakeholders when critical events or incidents occur, ensuring timely response and action.  SMS, Email, API – it’s all covered.

Instant Alert Notifications

Access anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

The accessibility of the GDN® through a web portal, allowing clients to log in remotely at any time and from any computer to access the data and reports.

24/7 Web Portal Access

Integrates with the Transmission Dynamics Ecosystem

The GDN Sensor Data Logging Ecosystem

Data is nothing without intelligent analysis

Our software offers the utilisation of advanced technologies like machine learning analysis and AI to perform intelligent data analysis and generate insights. Our machine learning can find patterns and relationships that humans might miss.

Machine Learning Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Trust your monitoring to proven technology

GDN® is a well-established product with a global presence, showcasing reliability and proven effectiveness.

A Mature Product: Sensor Data Logging in over 80 countries

Integrate with your systems and unleash the Power.

GDN® provides an Application Programming Interface (API), enabling developers to integrate the platform with other applications or systems and access machine learning analysis data.

API for Developers

GDN Machine Learning Analysis

Multi-Industry Applications





GDN Sensor Data Logging Portal Login Screen

Try Our Online Demos

UK FlagTransmission Dynamics are now delivering remote monitoring of seven M72 bolts on the Levenmouth demonstration turbine. An incredible Industrial IoT application with implications across the onshore and offshore wind power industry. Our thanks to ORE Catapult and Wood plc. for their collaboration.
Username: orec
Password: QJ5ANv4Xjg!

USA FlagWe also invite you to log in to our live demo on the Global Data Network (GDN®) and witness firsthand how Boltsense is revolutionising the monitoring of critical infrastructure. Username: necc-public-demo Password: QJ5ANv4Xjg!Zwz8tBgzo91*
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