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BoltSense technology reaches new heights of durability

news boltsense technology reaches new heights of durability

IIoT applications and self-learning future-proof sensor technology?

Our partner Copper State Bolt & Nut Company is now fully and independently implementing BoltSense technology at their facility in Phoenix, AZ.

On this occasion, industrial mill liner bolts (which are forged just next door) are being rapidly converted to volume-manufactured LMF+ bolts for remote bolt tension monitoring. This technology powered by TRANSMISSION DYNAMICS is applied in harsh applications where no competitive product could potentially survive for more than 5 minutes, with acceleration levels exceeding 200g peak and 30g RMS.

For any industrial application, it is vital to rely on the original product avoiding imitations. From wind turbines, and heavy machinery to industrial mills our clients rely on the best technology and reliability presently available.

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