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Recognising Excellence: Transmission Dynamics Wins ‘Design Team of the Year’ at the Engineering and Manufacturing Awards

EMA Awards, September 2023

In the world of engineering and manufacturing, innovation and collaboration are key to success. The inaugural Engineering and Manufacturing Awards, held at the London Marriot Hotel, showcases the remarkable achievements of manufacturers both large and small. The night of celebration highlighted the incredible contributions made by engineers in addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Amidst sizable competition, Transmission Dynamics were shortlisted for two prestigious awards: ‘Design Team of the Year’ and ‘R&D Project’ in recognition for their innovative work in the rail sector. Ultimately, the team emerged victorious in the former category for their ground-breaking PANDAS-V® pantograph and overhead line monitoring system.

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PANDAS-V®: A Market-Leading Solution

The PANDAS-V® camera system developed by Transmission Dynamics is revolutionising the monitoring of critical infrastructure in the rail industry. This solution, born out of collaboration with various rail stakeholders, serves to continuously monitor the critical infrastructure providing power to electric trains.

The PANDAS-V® system offers simultaneous impact and collision monitoring, whilst collecting video footage to obtain measurements that facilitate advanced remote condition monitoring. The data gathered is then shared with Operations & Maintenance teams through automated reports. These reports support decision-making regarding corrective maintenance, reducing the need for manual inspections and enhancing operational efficiency.

EMA Awards

Collaboration and Innovation: The Key to Success

This award-winning entry celebrates the high-levels of inter-disciplinary team work to bring this market-leading solution to fruition. Transmission Dynamic’s multi-disciplinary team of mechanical, electronics and software engineers were complimented by an advanced data analytics team specialising in machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as an experienced rapid R&D prototyping and manufacturing team all under one roof. This unique combination of technical expertise enabled the design team to create a market-leading solution that addresses the rail industry’s needs. The high levels of collaboration and cross-disciplinary cooperation within Transmission Dynamics were instrumental in realising this technology.


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