Virtual Gearbox Systems: Problems and Solutions

Virtual Online Event

In this seminar, we'll delve into the nitty-gritty of reliability and wear issues in transmission systems. These problems often stem not from faulty component design, but from system dynamics like starting torque, vibrations, and motor/engine behavior. We'll discuss common problems and solutions, and showcase tools for troubleshooting issues like noise, bearing failures, and vibrations. Here's what you can expect: - Understanding and addressing mysterious bearing and gear failures - Exploring the dynamics of gearbox systems - Managing gearbox noise and vibrations - Using cutting-edge data acquisition and analysis techniques for problem-solving - Examining wind turbine gearbox testing, instrumentation, and early troubleshooting - Exploring gear alignment tools (KHβ, Kϒ) - Learning techniques for collecting load (torque) data during operation - Real-world case studies across industries like rail, marine, renewables, automotive, and heavy machinery - Exploring advanced condition monitoring techniques Join us for this live, interactive session where you can ask questions and engage with the tutor. It's an opportunity to gain valuable insights and enhance your understanding of transmission system reliability.

Gear Noise Data Interpretation & Diagnostics

Virtual Online Event

Noise and vibrations might seem straightforward, but in industrial settings, they often come with complexities that need a deeper understanding. Our seminar dives into the theoretical basics of noise and vibrations, exploring their sources, transmission modes, and their impact on systems and their surroundings. We're here to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively interpret and diagnose noise and vibrations across various industrial setups. We'll be covering: Fundamentals of noise and vibrations Techniques for measurement Delving into Gearbox Noise and vibrations Exploring gear geometry, microgeometry, and Transmission Error Strategies for optimizing gear design Understanding Rattle and Whine in gears Modal analysis and Modal shapes Data analysis and signal processing including time domain plots, FRF, FFT, and Hilbert Transforms Real-life case studies from a diverse range of industrial applications Join us for this insightful seminar where we'll unpack the complexities of noise and vibrations in industrial environments, providing you with practical insights and solutions.

Gear Up for Success: Enhancing Gearbox Performance with Smart Oil Plug®

Virtual Online Event

Join us for an exclusive webinar, co-hosted by Transmission Dynamics and ZF, as our collective industry experts discuss the benefits of innovative solutions for rail gearbox monitoring and maintenance. Traditional gearbox maintenance in rail applications has long been restricted to out-of-service, infrequent oil sampling routines and slow lab analysis. With Smart Oil Plug®, we're revolutionising the way rail operators monitor and maintain their gearbox systems during day to day operations. Smart Oil Plug® is an innovative wireless gearbox monitoring solution that offers real-time, remote monitoring of key operating parameters. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, including axial vibration analysis and machine learning algorithms, Smart Oil Plug® provides unprecedented insights into gearbox health and performance. During this webinar, we'll discuss: The challenges faced in gearbox maintenance within the rail industry. Advanced sensor technologies for remotely monitoring gearbox health. Real-world case studies showcasing the tangible benefits and successes achieved with Smart Oil Plug. Date: Wednesday 4th December 2024 Time: 12:00 noon GMT

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